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The 2017 Parcours des Mondes Fair 





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Unique Asmat Hornbill Bird Headhunting Totem sold



Fine 19th C. Yoruba Edan Bronze Ogboni Staff


Pair of Kuba prestige knifes


New Guinea Blackwater River Fiber Mask 


Algerian Berber Conical Hat w/ Beads, Atlas Mountains


Group of Abelam Balsa Wood Yam Masks sold


Polynesian Artifacts The Oldman Collection 1972


19th C. Zulu knobkerrie w/ 16 kill marks 40% off


19th C. New Caledonian Kanak Mask sold


Mossi Leather Bound Doll


Asmat Headhunting Drum


Ramu River Spear


Png Markham Valley Beetle Nut Mortar w/ 4 faces


Baule Scepter w/ Buffalo Mask


3 Arnhemland Woomeras


Yaka Male Fetish Figure


Yoruba Opele Ifa beaded Chain



18th C. Society Island Basalt Adze to'i, Tahati sold

Stone-Carved New Guinea Lower Sepik Figure, Ex. Serge Brignoni Collection 


Large Tami Island Huon Gulf Food Dish


Bamana female figure- Mali


The Helena Rubinstein Collection 1966


Amazonian Decorated Cassava Root Grater w/ Human Figure


19th C. Admiralty Island Lime Spatula


Unique Unfinished 19th C. Maori Patu Hand Club


Unique South Australia Aboriginal carved boomerang


New Guinea Lumi War Shield



Borneo Rattan Lidded Tobacco Box 


PNG Gope board with Rabbit-like ears.  Ex. Cousteau 


PNG Fly River Barbed Fighting Arrows


Rare Vietnam Highlands Fighting Shield 50% off 


Carved Suriname Arched Stool 50% off


Arnhemland bark Ex. Dr. Solem, by Dick Ngulei Ngulei


Ethiopian Amhara Embossed Shield 40% off


Rare Nias Lidded Betel Nut Chewing Box 


Late Sentani Prestige Staff w/ Seal


18th C. Tongan Apa'apai club with 21 glyphs sold







Abstract Mumuye Figure with Worn Surface


Early New Guinea Yangoru Boiken Talipun


Hemba Janus Staff Top


19th C. Philippine Kalinga Headhunter Axe



Rare 19th C. stone-carved Aboriginal incised Victoria club


Collection of 19th C. African Maasai Spears 30% off


Abelam Talipun Bride Price Mask w/  Cubist Profile- must see


New Guinea Mimika Figure


Massive PNG Ramu River Sago Hammer w/ Spirit Faces sold


New Guinea Abelam Baba Mask 


 Solomon Island Barbed Orchid fiber Spear sold


Master-Carved New Guinea Huon Gulf Ladle Fragment


 New Guinea Carved Grinding Stone


Abelam Finial w/ twisted body


 Papuan Gulf Elema Mask Costume (Published)


Sumba knotted throwing stone bludgeon 


African Fulani Necklace


Micronesian Shell Scraping tools













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