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(Text and photos by Michael Auliso)

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(rue des Beaux-Arts)  A warm Friday afternoon.


(Michel Thieme- Tribal Art)  What's that?  Probably the most intriguing and asked about object in the fair, certainly on rue des Beaux-Arts.   A rare Aceh Sumatra shield with basketry framework, covered with textured Stingray skin and studs.    Every couple minutes he was telling someone what it was.


(Michel Thieme- Tribal Art)  Detail of above.


(Michel Thieme- Tribal Art)  These outstanding Korwar figures were his catalog submissions.


(Michel Thieme- Tribal Art)  Talking art with customers.


(Didier Claes)  Display of Songye fetishes. 



(Didier Claes) Songye figure and a Bena Lula fetish (right).


(Didier Claes)  Bena Lula.



(Didier Claes)  Songye fetish and a stool decorated with brass tacks.


(Laurent Dodier) His Pre-Columbia exhibit, Exposition, Messagers de Pierre- Ame'ique Precolumbienne.


(Laurent Dodier)  Mexican Teotihuacan stone mask.


(Laurent Dodier) Costa Rican basalt metate with linked figures.


(Laurent Dodier) Costa Rican figures.


(Laurent Dodier)  Veracruz stone ax head.


(Laurent Dodier) group of Moche strap vessels from Peru.



(Kevin Conru)  A 19th C. Irian Jaya full costume, collected very early too.



(Conru) New Ireland Malagan figure and a PNG Torres Strait Island figure (right).


(Conru)  A lovely Marquesas Island Bowl (right).




(Conru)  A Solomon Island shield and S.E. New Guinea shield.


(Jean-Baptiste Bacquart)  A rare but welcome photo.  After asking for many years Jean-Baptiste finally granted permission.  A Fijian rootstock club with ivory inlays and notched kill marks.


(Jean-Baptiste Bacquart) A northwest coast Tlingit cedar bowl of a Beaver.


(Jean-Baptiste Bacquart) detail of above.


RB Gallery (Roger Bourahimou)  Always on his phone.



RB Gallery (Roger Bourahimou)  A Baule figure and Bamana (right).


(Exterior Entwistle Gallery)  Another bustling day and Lance chatting with a customer.


(Entwistle Gallery)


(Entwistle Gallery)  Window display.


What's that awesome sound?  Some live music by this inspired Reggae musician!


 Kitsune Japanese Art and Galerie Frank Van Craen exhibiting at 23 rue de Seine.


 (Kitsune Japanese Art and Galerie Frank Van Craen)


(Kitsune Japanese Art) Gorgeous and detailed miniature ivory skull.



(Galerie Frank Van Craen) A Bena Lula and Mambila figure (right).  His most important and beautiful piece I was not permitted to photograph (A fabulous quality Boa figure from the Congo).


(Galerie Frank Van Craen)  Look at the age of that Lega mask.


A bromance? Tom Murray and Alex Arthur (right).


(Martin Doustar)  Easter Island figure and Taino Vomit stick. 



(Martin Doustar)  Often these are bone and commonly reproduced but this rare wood example has survived centuries.  It had a uniquely strong and spooky presence.


(Galerie 1492- Yannick Durand)  Costa Rican Metate.


(Galerie 1492- Yannick Durand)  Moche strap vessel.


(Galerie 1492- Yannick Durand)  A Colima Shark.


(Galerie 1492- Yannick Durand)  A stargazer figure, as I recall from Veracruz?


(Galerie Meyer Oceanic & Eskimo Art)  A brilliant Crocodile theme exhibition.  


(Galerie Meyer)  A wonderful display of clustered New Guinea Papuan Gulf carved Marupai dwarf coconut charms.


(Galerie Meyer)  He is one of the most skilled dealers at presenting art pieces for maximum impact.  This display with stands of graduated heights was like a sloped mountain.  So many together, SO effective!


(Meyer Oceanic Art) detail of above.


(Galerie Meyer)  A display of Png Trobriand Massim "Gobaela" spatulas.



(Yann Ferrandin) His featured exhibit this year was Exposition Hair.  Seen here a Melanesian Admiralty Island hair comb.  This year he was also exhibiting at the prestigious Biennale des Antiquaires at the Grand Palais.


(Yann Ferrandin) Yaka hair comb.



(Yann Ferrandin)  Ashanti Comb Ghana.


(Julian Flak)


(Galerie Flak)  Group of Royal Hawaiian feather lei.


(Galerie Flak)


(Eddy Ekete Costumes en Canettes)  Here's another.  (klang..... klang... ting.... ting). They came out and bumbled around about 3 times per day.


(Right to left) Indonesian collector Roger Dashow, his wife and Bruce Carpenter.


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